četvrtak, 10. svibnja 2007.

People in China want paler skin!?!?!?

On the other hand westerners risk their health by wanting their skin darker. All for the sake of the trend of beauty.
What a paradox
Is the Chinese Love of Lighter Skin Racist?
In China, come home after a hard day's work, turn on the TV, and I guarantee you that on any given night, a third of the television commericials and perhaps half of the infommercials will be dedicated to selling women the magic elixir for lighter skin.
Chinese Skin Bleaching Commercial
The Chinese are obsessed with light skin, and from casting soap stars to choosing a marriage partner, the preference is clear: the lighter the better.
And it's not just China. Fly West from Beijing to New Delhi, to Lagos, women everywhere are looking for that powder, that cream, that peel that will make them a little bit lighter. Many of these unregulated products will not only damage their skin, but seriously endanger their health.
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